We help commercial building owners end energy waste.

Improve your building, your bottom line, our world.

Our clients are commercial, institutional and industrial building owners and managers.  Every day you are called on to cut costs, manage equipment failures, meet sustainability goals, handle comfort calls, and minimize down-time.

Your job is demanding and energy waste works against you. It hides in lights, motors, and controls and eats away at your bottom line:

  • driving utility bills 10%-40% higher
  • making equipment run longer and harder
  • raising the risk of unexpected shutdowns
  • causing persistent comfort issues

OUR Approach

Three steps to how we help you get rid of energy waste in your building and grow your bottom line

Energy Engineering


We dig into your building data to find out where energy waste is hiding. Then engineer a cost effective plan to upgrade your systems. Helping you prioritize which projects to tackle first based on key financial metrics.

SERVICES: Retro-commissioning | Energy audits (ASHRAE Level 1,2,3) | ENERGY STAR certification | Measurement & Verification | LEED Certification

Project Implementation


Now it’s time to execute. We work with you to upgrade lighting to LED, tune and revamp building automation systems, replace inefficient HVAC equipment, tighten the building shell, and install renewables.

SERVICES: Design/Build | General Contractor | Owner’s Representative | Construction Manager

Performance Tracking


See the results of your investment with lower utility bills and longer life for your capital equipment. Now your bills will reflect only the energy used to keep people comfortable and operations running smoothly. If you like, we’ll track ongoing energy performance to let you know if energy waste tries to sneak back into your systems.

SERVICES: Efficiency persistence tracking | Fault detection & diagnostics | Monitoring-based commissioning | Predictive maintenance with IoT

Case Studies

Biotech Campus

Biotech Campus

TV Studio


Justin Tiedeman,
Founder and CEO

At EcoCosm, it’s our passion to impact climate change before it impacts our future further. We’re damaging our planet; using too many resources and using them inefficiently. In fact, about 39% of all greenhouse gasses come from buildings.

We’re on a mission to do two things:

  • Clean up the planet by making buildings more efficient.
  • Save our client’s money while doing it.

As a team of designers, engineers, and master builders we go into buildings and uncover energy waste that’s hidden right under your nose.

In all the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never found a building that wasn’t wasting significant amounts of energy, sometimes as much as 40%.

We analyze the data that comes out of your existing systems and optimize or upgrade equipment in a way that delivers bottom line savings to you and is a win for the environment.

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